You can use the “Groups” to categorise your “Objects”. In other words if you have several “Objects” that would naturally belong into a a group, you can do this using the “Groups”. Essentially you do not needs “Groups” though and can only create “Objects”. This is really as to your own preference.
    Signing up allows you to store your profile centrally, making sure that you always have access to your data and information.
    Yes, you can tilt your phone to the side, allowing for more horizontal space for your selected data to aligned itself. Also, note that you have the option to select up to 5 Objects at a time, but you can also just select one or two.
    When creating a “Log”, you have the option to adjust the “Unit” to any number you please.
    The search helps you to find a particular “Object” faster. This is useful if you have lots of “Objects”.
    Thanks to the fact you have created a login, your data is centrally accessible for the app via your profile. Once you have your new device, you can simply download and install the Monitor Me App on the new device and login in and it will all be back in just a moment.

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